About Us

Since 1984, C.N.C. PROGRAMMING SERVICES INC. has been providing top quality SERVICE and SUPPORT to our metal fabrication customers. The company was originally created to fill the OUTSOURCING requirements of our customers. Utilizing the PRIPPIT programming software we were able to undertake contracts in different fields and on different makes and models of fabricators, plasma, laser, and combination machines.
In 2001 LANTEK EXPERT CAD/CAM NESTING software for sheet metal fabrication industries was added to our distribution list. EXPERT is an automatic system that combines user preferences and databases to generate fast, high efficiency nests and programs. This software enables management to take complete control of the LASER, PLASMA, WATERJET, OXY FUEL, LASER TUBE CUTTING, PUNCH PRESS, and COMBINATION MACHINE processes.
With our background as an OUTSOURCING provider we recognize that the programming software we use must be fast, efficient, and generate good accurate code. We are very proud of our role and our customer’s role in suggesting improvements that have been implemented to improve the programming systems. Software is after all a partnership between the users and the developer.At C.N.C. we sell, install, train,and support the EXPERT CAD/CAM NESTING Software by LANTEK SYSTEMS, and the PRIPPIT . Outsourcing, Custom Software, and custom conversion software round out our line up.